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WordGenius Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for WordGenius Publications

Thank you for purchasing a WordGenius Publication. These Installation Instructions will guide you through the installation process.

A. Quick Installation

For more comprehensive Installation Instructions, please skip to Section B.

  1. Download the program by clicking on Download Now; please take note of the directory into which you downloaded the program.
  2. Open the directory where the file resides and launch the file.
  3. Enter your License Name and Authorisation Key details into the Setup program. If you have a Network License, tick the Network Accessible box and enter the number of users licensed.
  4. Select Install, and then Exit from the Setup program.
  5. The Dictionary program will start. Selecting Yes to the question about the WordGenius Drag-on will enable you to drag words to the Drag-on icon; this is the recommended option.
  6. If you selected "yes", the Dictionary will run automatically each time you start Windows. If you do not wish for this to occur, please disable this by deselecting "Load at Windows Startup" in the File menu.
  7. Installation and Setup is now complete! Thank you for purchasing a WordGenius Macquarie Dictionary!

B. Downloading the Dictionary

When you click on the Download Now link via the previous page, your Internet Browser will contact the WordGenius web server to commence downloading your selected WordGenius publication.

Your web browser will open with a screen containing some options such as Save and Open. Select Save to Disk. A window containing your files will now appear, asking where you would like to save the file. It is recommended that you save the file in a directory that is common to you (for example, "Downloads"). If unsure, save the file to your Desktop by selecting Desktop in the pull-down menu.

After you have selected the directory into which you wish to save the file, click on Save and the file will begin to download.

At 56Kbps, the Macquarie Thesaurus - WordGenius will take less than ten (10) minutes to download. The Macquarie Concise Dictionary - WordGenius will take approximately fifteen (15) minutes. The Macquarie Dictionary - WordGenius will take approximately thirty (30) minutes.

C. Installing the Dictionary

When the download is complete, open Windows Explorer or My Computer and navigate to the directory into which you downloaded the file. Then, double click on the file you downloaded to commence installation.

The setup screen will appear. This screen will contain boxes for you to enter your License Name, Authorisation Key, etc. Please enter these exactly as they appear in the email you received.

If you purchased a network license, please check the relevant box and enter the Number of Users that you purchased.

The default location for the WordGenius Dictionary to be installed to is C:\WGenius - if you wish to change this, please alter the Installation Directory field.

Click Install to install the Dictionary to your hard drive.

D. Starting the Dictionary

When you select Open from the Setup program, the Dictionary will automatically load. A screen will appear asking if you wish to Drag words to the WordGenius Drag-on. We recommend that you select Yes.

The Dictionary is now ready to use! If you selected Yes to the WordGenius Drag-on, the Dictionary will load automatically every time you start up Windows. Alternatively, if you close the Dictionary and wish to open it again, simply navigate to the WordGenius shortcut in your Start Menu, under the WordGenius group.

E. Questions and Answers

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list.