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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in the WordGenius Publications. This list of questions and answers are here to assist you with frequently asked questions.

Q: Are eComPress and WordGenius products Windows 7 compatible?
A: All eComPress and WordGenius products offered for sale on our Website are Windows 7 compatible. All retail WordGenius products will be made Windows 7 compatible in due course.

Q: I tried to download a dictionary product and I didn't see the download dialog box. How can I activate the download dialog box? I am using XP with SP2 installed.
A: When you have XP-Service Pack 2 installed on your PC, your may not see the download dialog box but instead you will see a strip appeared at the bottom of your Internet Explorer's toolbar and it will read something like: To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options...

Actions to take:

  1. click on the strip;
  2. click Download File...;
  3. click yes (if applicable);
  4. click either run or save.

Q: I tried to install a dictionary product and I got "16 bit Windows Subsystem" error dialog box instead. How do I solve this problem?
A: What you need to do is to click on the following link CreateAENT.exe and then click on the Open or Run button to automatically create the missing file for you.

Q: How long will it take to download a WordGenius product?
A: The Macquarie Dictionary - WordGenius will take less than thirty (30) minutes to download; the Macquarie Concise Dictionary - WordGenius will take less than fifteen (15) minutes; and the Macquarie Thesaurus - WordGenius will take less than ten (10) minutes using a 56Kbit dial up connection, and much less time with a faster connection.

Q: How large are the WordGenius products?
A: The Macquarie Dictionary - WordGenius is less than 9.8MB, the Macquarie Concise Dictionary - WordGenius is less than 5.5MB and the Macquarie Thesaurus - WordGenius is less than 2.8MB. They remain approximately the same size after installation and during usage of the product.

Q: How to download and install a WordGenius product?
A: Please go to the Installation instructions page to learn more about how to download and install a WordGenius product.

Q: I own an earlier version of MegaLex/WordGenius and am interested in the new MegaLex/WordGenius Drag-on feature. How much is the upgrade, and where can I obtain it?
A: There is no upgrade available for earlier versions of MegaLex/WordGenius products. You will need to purchase a new copy of the product in order to obtain the new features. You can purchase the latest version of the WordGenius Dictionaries by clicking on the graphic below:

Get the online dictionary to make your own word search

Q: I have lost or damaged my (download) copy of WordGenius. How do I replace it?
A: Open the web address https://www.ecompress.com/wppubdl.htm in your web browser in order to download the publication again, entering the relevant Licence Name and Authorisation Key provided when you made the original purchase.

Q: The setup program informs me that my Authorisation Key is invalid.
A: Please ensure the Licence Name is entered precisely as shown on screen (or on your Tax Invoice), and verify that the characters in your Authorisation Key are of the form 0-9, A-F. If that still does not work, please contact Eurofield Information Solutions Pty Ltd at: wordgenius@eis.com.au.

Q: My WordGenius icon no longer appears when I load my Dictionary!
A: Select "Drag-on Icon On Top" from the File menu.

Q: I don't want the Dictionary loading whenever Windows boots. How can I disable this but still be able to run the Dictionary?
A: Unselect the "Load at Windows Startup" option from the File menu.

Q: My question hasn't been answered, or I need to contact you.
A: Please email us at wordgenius@eis.com.au with any queries. Other contact details are available through the Contact Us page.

Q: What is the warranty period for a Macquarie WordGenius product?
A: A Macquarie WordGenius product is warranted for 90 days from date of purchase.

Q: What constitutes a proof of purchase for a Macquarie WordGenius product?
A: Please retain a copy of the email that includes your receipt and licence details, including transaction number, licence name and authorisation key--This is your proof of purchase and will be required for warranty purposes.

Q: What software do I require to make a WordGenius publication work?
A: None! All WordGenius publications come complete with their program built-in, and they are always compatible with the content.

Q: What software upgrades do I require for WordGenius to be able to continue to use existing publications?
A: None! All WordGenius publications are always compatible with their programs. Whilst EIS has a commitment to continually upgrade the software, these upgrades are applied to new publications when they are mastered.