We are pleased to announce that the TurboCoder and TurboGrouper March updates are available now!

About Us

About Us


Our Company

Eurofield Information Solutions (EIS) was founded in 1992 by Alfred Papallo along with a group of professional software engineers, with a clear purpose to develop powerful innovative computer software tools to provide fast, secure easy access to information in large reference databases. EIS received an Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) award for its eComPress Technology in 2000, and this technology has formed the basis for the development of all its software applications.

In 2012 EIS developed a powerful software application for the health industry and launched the ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS TurboCoder product for the Australian clinical coding medical record industry. Following the success of this product and the Australian government’s commitment to Activity Based Funding, EIS went on to develop the TurboGrouper which is a powerful coding and grouping application for hospitals, auditors and clinical coding professionals.

EIS has established itself as the market leader with its ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS TurboCoder software application and is pursuing more significant opportunities in Australia, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia with its TurboGrouper coding and grouping solution to help our customers become more productive, effective and profitable.

We are a passionate, professional team with a clear purpose to apply our proprietary Award-Winning eComPress Technology to develop software solutions that help our customers become more productive, effective and profitable.

Our Vision

Develop world leading software tools to assist in the efficient and accurate coding of medical records to improve patient outcomes.

Our Mission

To provide innovative, trusted and cost-effective clinical coding, grouping and auditing solutions that optimise our clients’ resources.

Markets Served

Public and Private Acute and Day Hospitals, Health Ministries / Departments, Health Funds / Health Insurers, Professional Consultants, Clinical Coders and Auditors in Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and other ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Licensed Countries.

about us

Our Values

Our work will be guided and informed by our commitment to the following:


We embrace technology with a commitment to continual improvement, and are creative in helping our clients excel in the health industry.


We deliver on our commitments and develop products of the highest accuracy, quality and security.


We hold ourselves accountable to deliver premium market leading solutions.


We use individual strengths, open communication, and respectful action so we all succeed.


We are excited by progress and celebrate our achievements together with those of our clients.